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Vertical Garden

What is a vertical garden?

Often soil-less, vertical gardens mimic the natural green wall ecologies that grow on rock faces and large trees in the wild. They bring movement, beauty and colour to a space, as well as buffering sound, diffusing harsh light, cleansing the air, providing oxygen and cooling ambient heat.

Green walls also bring mental and physical health benefits to those who spend a lot of time working or living in high density environments by satiating our ‘biophilia’ – the human urge to connect with nature.

A green wall brings butterflies to an inner-city balcony

if you have a balcony and you want chairs and tables, there’s a limited amount of space for plants in pots. With a vertical garden the growing is done on a very narrow framework against the wall.

environmental benefits

  • water capture and filtration of runoff
  • an increase in biodiversity.
  • water capture and filtration of runoff
  • an increase in biodiversity.





Why go for vertical?

Vertical enhances beauty , no matter if it’s your office or your Terrace it works every where & it gives different feeling which really works towards positivity more greenery means more energy.

So all in all it works both ways not only it decorates beauty & works towards greenery too. If an office environment having Verticals it really gives positive impact.

Those who go for Terrace Gardens Vertical enhances beauty of our walls, imagine someone looks at terrace wall & find Vertical in green color it really thrills our eyes & attract our attention towards it.

Overall it works great to have Vertical in Terrace or office environment.